"Thank you so much for the excellent, above the call of duty, repair on our Sky-Tec starter. Your shop is the epitome of customer service. If there is a place for accolades, let me know and I can tell the world of your excellent service and backing of your product. Thanks again, Roger"


- Roger Hoover, Wingnuts Flying Club , FCI (VA)

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Ultra Lightweight

XLT Series


#1 Selling Aircraft Starter!

Lycoming High-Torque Inline Series


24V Extended Cranking

Lycoming High-Torque Inline Series


Lycoming Flyweight™ 
PM Series


Lycoming Flyweight™
LS Series


Lycoming Original High Torque HT Series


Continental C12ST2/S


Continental C12ST2


Continental ST3 Series


Continental ST5 Series



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What's New & Hot...


The Lightest Weight 

Lycoming Starter



Kickback Protection


on all Original High Torque HT Model Lycoming Starters



Kickback Protection


on all ST2 small 

Continental Starters





XLT Series

Ultra Lightweight Starters 


Introducing another world changing event from Sky-Tec:

The newest member of the Sky-Tec Flyweight starter family - the XLT series ultra lightweight Lycoming starter.


The XLT is now FAA PMA Certified for nearly all 4-cylinder Lycoming engines. It's light.  It's fast.  And it's TOUGH!


Like the Flyweight starters that precede it, the XLT series builds on 25 years and more than 50,000 LS and PM starters in service world-wide.  Or should we say, takes off from that experience in the form of only 6.5 lbs. total installed weight! 


XLT series starters are PERFECT for weight-obsessed 4-cylinder Lycoming applications including:

Lycoming powered Cubs

Lycoming powered LSA eligible aircraft

Weight obsessed Lycoming powered Experimental aircraft

and any other 4-cylinder Lycoming powered aircraft that needs to get nearly twelve pounds off the nose and up to twice the cranking RPM (compared to OE heavyweight Bendix starters).

now featuring


Sky-Tec's exclusive

KPS® (Kickback Protection System)



Sky-Tec HT series starters now feature the industry's first self-resetting Kickback Protection System!


A proprietary internal drive system automatically decouples the starter’s powerful high torque motor from the Lycoming engine’s flywheel in the event of an ignition kickback during startup.  The drive system automatically resets requiring  no replacement, adjustment, repair or maintenance before or after a kickback. 


The new kickback protected HT series starters are the perfect solution for Lycoming Powered helicopters including: 

Robinson R-22 (149-12HT-h),

Robinson R-44 (149-24HT-h),

Enstrom F28 (149-12HT or 149-24HT),

Schweitzer 269's (149-24HT),

and many others.


HT series starters feature:

Highly durable cast mount systems

Fast spin (no, not "too" fast)

PMA eligibility to replace Prestolite and B&C starters

Light weight, and 

Zero maintenance.  

now featuring


Sky-Tec's exclusive

KPS® (Kickback Protection System)



C85-12 through O300-C owners rejoice!  GO-300 owners too!


Sky-Tec's lightweight ST2 series starters now all feature the industry's first self-resetting Kickback Protection System. 


The kickback protection system in the new ST2-series starters was demonstrated by Continental Engines to withstand more than 40 kickbacks with no degradation in starter performance!


ST starters with internal, self-resetting kickback protection are the starter of choice for most small Continental engine applications including: 

Continental powered Cessna 150s & 172s

Ercoupes, Taylorcrafts and Luscumbes

Piper Cubs and Aeronca Chiefs


ST2 series starters feature:

Low current, high efficiency motors,

KPS Kickback protection,

STC eligibility for pull-start conversions,

PMA eligibility for factory key-start engines,

Ignition-optimized fast cranking speed, 

Light weight, and 

Zero maintenance.  

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More than 100,000 pilots and aircraft owners like you have selected Sky-Tec starters for their aircraft. Sky-Tec's singular relentless focus is simple: offer customers the best value, best performing lightweight starters for their piston engine powered aircraft. That is all we do. And we do it quite well.


LEADERSHIP - No one sells more aircraft piston engine starters than Sky-Tec.  No one.  Lycoming, Continental, and engine rebuilders the world 'round have come to rely on Sky-Tec performance and Sky-Tec quality - first and foremost.


SINGULAR FOCUS | SINGULAR PASSION | TOTAL COMMITMENT - Sky-Tec is a family company with one product line, one obsession, and one commitment: to develop, manufacture, sell and support the world's best aircraft piston engine starters.  We are in this for the long-haul.  And our future depends on ALL Sky-Tec customers being satisfied.  Your satisfaction is our singular goal each and every day.


RELENTLESS PURSUIT - Sky-Tec starters may be the best Lycoming and Continental engine customers can buy, but Sky-Tec believes its starters can be even better.  That is why we continuously analyze, research, engineer, test, prove and improve all of our starter designs.  After all, we did say "obsession" (above)


EXPERIENCE - Sky-Tec's Partners have more than 125 years combined experience in product development, engineering, auto electric, manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support.  Sky-Tec enjoys supplier relationships dating back more than 30 years.


SENSIBLE APPROACH - Sky-Tec uses simple, affordable technologies in everything we do using electro-mechanical engagement drives, not centrifugal, throw-and-pray Bendix-type drives on all Lycoming starters and starter adapter friendly decoupling clutch mechanisms on Continental starters.  Whenever appropriate, Sky-Tec starters use its exclusive simple, reliable, maintenance-free KPS (Kickback Protection System).  And everything we do is geared toward sensible affordability, quality and value.


Flyweight™ - Don't confuse weight with power. Sky-Tec starters actually offer BOTH: Light weight AND high torque. It's how we roll.


High Torque - Sky-Tec starters utilize significant gear reduction methods to produce a vast increase in available torque and optimum cranking rotation speed.  Let no one mislead you by saying Sky-Tec starters spin "too fast."  Sky-Tec dials-in every starter to crank at the optimum cranking speed for the application.  On Lycoming applications, RPM is increased by 2X and sometimes even more over heavyweight OEM starters.  On Continental starters, slow and steady wins the race - our friends at Continental helped us dial our starters in at just the right RPM for reliably starting Continental engines.  


Rugged Designs - Sky-Tec starters are engineered to exceed engine TBO lifetimes and withstand the toughest operating environments.


Unmatched Customer Service - And if a starter happens to not make it past engine TBO, we roll up our sleeves and get your starter back in service better than anyone.  Sky-Tec understands how to take care of customers who happen upon a problem and we also know how to swallow our pride and take care of our customers when something Sky-Tec did contributed to the problem. When "it" happens, we get to work and take care of our customers. 



Personal & In Touch - We are pilots and aircraft owners too. We understand fitment, performance and troubleshooting issues.  And we can help.  If you have a question, contact us.  If you have a problem, contact us.  If you have feedback, contact us.  


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